Nobide – Tickets – Cafe Nine – New Haven, CT – September 23rd, 2019

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Polluter, The Forest Room

Cafe NineNew HavenCT
Ages 21+
FREE WITH RSVP ($5 at the door)

RSVP closes at 2pm on day of show. $5 tickets will be available at the door until capacity is reached.

Nobide is a live-electronic act out of Denver, Colorado. Setting traditional instruments amid an electronic backdrop, the Nobide sound has been described as “Organic Electronic.” Inspired by the diverse landscapes of Colorado, Nobide confidently explores different musical styles.

Rowdy enough for dance floors and deep enough for quiet exploration, the Nobide grooves are far-reaching. Nick Vann's edgy production, Matt McElwain's driving rhythms and Tanner Fruit’s affinity for jazz and texture leads to a genre-bending and fresh sound.

Nobide points to “not biding time,” taking every opportunity to engage with life via sound, color and wonder.


In defiance of formulaic modern rock, the humans in Polluter have created a bulgingly organic musical think tank armed with sonic artillery aimed straight at the pituitary gland. Compositions run the gamut from lovely to atonal, delicate to pummeling. Polluter incubated for years in its cocoon, fertilized by legends such as Black Sabbath, Frank Zappa, and John Coltrane to channel a modernist style of rock rooted in free expression and intensity. This fully formed entity is now poised to delight and ignite the increasingly devastated mindscapes of audiences the world over. With power, with beauty, with integrity, Polluter explores the outer limits while staying grounded in the traditions of riff and groove; to expand upon the musical consciousness of Earth’s population. Demented blues meets Avant Prog-Punk Doom Pop....and the fun begins.


The Forest Room is a music project based in Cheshire, Connecticut.

The sound of this act could be described as a very organic blend of post-folk and alternative rock. The warmth and feel of the acoustic guitar melodies blend in with haunting sonic textures, programmed beats and lush, atmospheric sounds that blink an eye to genres such as shoegaze and dream-pop.

The Forest Room has a strikingly distinctive sound, not only due to the seamless blend of styles and textures but also to the fascinating dropped guitar tunings, which add a lot of depth to the riffs and chords. It’s incredible to listen to these songs and actually realize that the arrangements are very minimalistic in nature, effortlessly built upon simple, yet effective elements that hit the spot. The coordinates in this project fall somewhere in between experimental music, trip-hop, and acoustic instrumentals, making for a creative approach that’s rather broad and hard to categorize.

It’s easy to draw comparisons with artists the likes of Kaki King, Portishead, The Album Leaf or Massive Attack, just to mention but a few. One of the main characteristics of The Forest Room is the artist’s ability to create cinematic atmospheres that feel big and roomy, entrancing listeners and taking them hand in hand through a memorable sonic journey. This is music that will work well as a soundtrack to your daily activity, but it is not just “background music.” It will captivate your imagination and set the mood just right.

As a one-man protect, The Forest Room is particularly amazing to witness as a live act. The project set out to redefine the limits of what a single acoustic guitar can accomplish, blurring the edges between different genres, and exploring different sonic reaches.


Venue Information:
Cafe Nine
250 State Street
New Haven, CT, 06511
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