Jounce – Tickets – Cafe Nine. – New Haven, CT – February 5th, 2018


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Sun Parade, Hellrazor

Mon, February 5, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

FREE WITH RSVP ($5 at the door)

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This event is 21 and over

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Punk Infused Anthemic Rock Music - JOUNCE is an East to West Coast band centered in Brooklyn, NY. An ever evolving post punk and 90′s rock hybrid. A product of a well defined generation only re-imagined. Nearly impossible to describe but easily digested. Danny and Matt have been friends since childhood, even through Dan’s bi-coastal lifestyle while he was Nickelodeon’s “Little Pete.” We like to think Pete Wrigley would dig the Jounce.
Sun Parade
Sun Parade
Shuggy Mtn Breakdown is the latest from the rising Western Massachusetts rock group Sun Parade. Chris Marlon Jennings grew up in Northampton, Massachusetts, busking on the streets. He met Jeff Lewis in 2008. Lewis, a Maine islander and mandolinist, was due at Berklee College of Music; after a semester in Boston Lewis moved west instead to throw his lot in with Jennings. That collaboration is the core of Sun Parade. Over time Jennings and Lewis built the five-piece that is Sun Parade, with Karl Helander on drums, percussion, harmonies, and ambient barking; Max Wareham on bass; and Eli Salus-Kleiner at the keys. Jennings writes by and large in the language of existential howl, wherein life, love and the pursuit of happiness are a highway pile-up where the rubberneckers get out and dance. Lewis spins ethereal, psychedelic glowing pop benevolence, songs sung into an old Fostex recorder and sent out into the world in strands of metaphysic werewolves and sunshine. The dichotomy between the two writers builds an outliersʼ love fest, a condition Oscar Wilde once described as living in the gutter with stardust falling on us. Produced by Ian Hersey of Rubblebucket and recorded in a one-room studio on the 4th floor of an old industrial building in Brooklyn, Shuggy Mtn Breakdown is frenetic and well-cured, heart-hammering, smiley, full of woody tones and iron bones. It's is a freak-out explosion of weirdo power pop and heavy hippy grunge, soul music and rockʼnʼroll. It's a band on a precipice.
"As for you, you were dead in your trespasses and sins, in which you used to walk when you conformed to the ways of this world and of the ruler of the power of the air, the spirit who is now at work in the sons of disobedience."—Ephesians 2:1-2

Any loving parent today would be horrified and shocked to learn that their sons and daughters are listening to HELLRAZOR. This clutch of depraved individuals defies the natural beauty of their home state of Connecticut, instead choosing a wanton path toward loud guitars, gnarled vocals, and lyrics that glorify life's darker side.

As if to highlight just how depraved they are, HELLRAZOR chose to not only celebrate the underworld in their very name; their first album is called "Satan's Smile," a clear sign that they act in service of only one being—Lucifer, the embodiment and root of all evil.

HELLRAZOR blends the sort of heavy, ear-splitting rock that typically soundtracks the underworld's various outposts on Earth—convenience-store parking lots, secluded spots deep in the woods, plazas where "skaters" can show off their "tricks"—and its dealings with unexpected forays into pop. Do not let the "lighter side" of the band, as exhibited on the deceptively sweet "Vegas" (with a reference to "Sin City" right in the title!!!) and the contemplative "Jargon Scott," fool you! Since their inception as a Rancid cover band, HELLRAZOR have proven themselves to be devoted to elevating the lewd and gross, recording a chunk of "Satan's Smile" at a Philadelphia recording studio with the horrifying name Sex Dungeon and chanting "million dollars, million dollars" over the ragged riffs on the album opener "A Cool Mill."

Evil is all over HELLRAZOR's catalog. These degenerates know that the more they flaunt their demonology, the more they will be empowered by the devil to continue doing so. Yet it is all a deception. Satan is not nice to anyone! He brings ongoing misery and final destruction even to his own. He plays nice with no mortal, whether man or animal.

The sonic elements buried inside HELLRAZOR's frantic riffing only make their message of a world "Covered In Shit" more potent. Protect your children from their evil—and their music—while you still can.
Venue Information:
Cafe Nine.
250 State Street
New Haven, CT, 06510